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L'immagine pubblicitaria
Il Team ed i Media

L'immagine pubblicitaria del Team ORTM e dei suoi Sponsor viene pubblicizzata nel sito www.ortmoffshore.com, negli scafi, nelle tute e nell'abbigliamento ufficiale, nello stand e nei mezzi di trasporto ed officina mobile.

Inoltre una rilevante evidenza pubblicitaria viene curata sia dalla ORTM che dai Promoter, a livello nazionale ed internazionale, sui quotidiani, sui periodici di settore e nei programmi televisivi.


Il Campionato Mondiale 2005 Powerboat P1

27 FEBRUARY 2005


The 2005 UIM Powerboat P1 World Championship will have arguably the most extensive television coverage in the history of performance boat racing, reaching across four continents and a potential audience of more than 100 million viewers. This figure is set to rise significantly before the seasons opening races in Malta on 7/8th May.
Through a balanced mix of terrestrial, satellite and cable television, Powerboat P1 action will be broadcast throughout Europe and into countries as diverse as Brazil, Canada, India, Russia and South Africa as the appeal of this exciting and glamorous motorsport championship continues to gather momentum.

Nathan Knight, CEO, KBL Powerboat Management Ltd:

“In 2004, KBL placed high priority on developing the quality of its TV production and great strides were made. For 2005 KBL has shifted emphasis to TV distribution in an effort to increase the mass exposure of Powerboat P1. We have an excellent product that blends an aspirational lifestyle with top-level international motorsport and offers the viewer spectacular action, breathtaking scenery, glamour and excitement."

“KBL is delighted by the initial uptake and the interest that Powerboat P1 is generating amongst international TV broadcasters and we expect to conclude further deals shortly. This is very exciting news for the teams, sponsors and the marine industry."

Television broadcasting arrangements todate:

- Motors TV - 25 countries (Europe/Central Europe), 36million subscribers
- 7TV Russia - 62 million homes
- TEN Sports India - 25 million homes
- AB Moteurs France - 9 million subscribers
- Mnet South Africa - 1.4 million homes
- PBS Malta - 400,000 homes
- Global TV Canada
- Globosat Brazil
- SNTV Worldwide News Network

info: Powerboat P1



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